Top Five Garden Tips from NABA Certified Butterfly Gardeners

  • Never use pesticides; butterflies and their caterpillars may be killed.
  • Mulch around all plants, which will lessen the amount of water that plants need and at the same time, may provide shelter for some types of caterpillars.
  • Plant as many types of regionally native plants as possible, while eliminating any plants that are invasive.
  • Incorporate large rocks or gravel areas into gardens to provide basking spots.
  • Use rainbarrels catch rain from house gutters to reuse in garden. While not specific to butterfly gardening, rainbarrels are a growing trend with water conscious gardeners.

How to Start a Butterfly Garden....

The following set of butterfly gardening brochures explain the concepts and techniques of butterfly gardening applicable throughout the U.S. and southern Canada.  These information-packed brochures provide the information needed to start and expand butterfly gardens.

All brochures produced by NABA's Program for Butterfly Gardens & Habitats are copyrighted by the North American Butterfly Association, Inc., with all rights reserved.  But users are welcome to copy them for distribution for educational, non-commercial purposes.

Basics of Butterfly Gardening provides information to get started planning a butterfly garden.

Straight Talk About Butterfly Biology will introduce you to the biology of butterfly lifecycles.

Straight Talk about Butterfly Population Biology explains how butterfly populations operate in nature, to be applied to maintaining butterflies in our habitats, no matter how humble, more effectively.

Managing for Butterflies in Prairie: Or, what do I do now, that I want to manage for butterflies? explains how to manage prairie to achieve its greatest potential in butterflies.

Straight Talk about Butterfly Habitat Management examins what matters to butterflies in habitat management.

Butterflies & Ecosystem Management looks at how butterflies fit into ecosystem management.

Successful Butterfly Conservation Management provides examples of butterfly species that have been successfully conserved.


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