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South Florida Regional Garden Guide

Butterfly gardeners in south Florida enjoy the luxury of butterfly gardening twelve months of the year. From USDA climate zone 10 in the northern section to zone11 in the Florida Keys, native plants provide a wide selection of butterfly nectar sources and caterpillar food plants. The planting area covered in this garden guide roughly follows USDA Zone Map for Southern Florida the USDA hardiness zone map while acknowledging that south Florida encompasses a variety of habitats and microclimates.

Planting a butterfly garden in south Florida is one way to help restore some of the habitat that has been lost to development and provide resources for wild butterflies to thrive and grow.

The following plants have been selected and rated by NABA members as important native plants for butterfly gardening in the region.

NABA Selected Shrubs and Trees for the Southern Florida

NABA Selected Annuals and Perennials for the Southern Florida

Certify Your Love of Butterfly Gardening!

Plant three nectar plants and three caterpillar food plants that are native to your region. Your garden will then qualify to join the growing number of NABA Certified Butterfly Gardens, helping to promote and increase butterfly habitat across the country


NABA greatly appreciates the volunteer contributions of the local experts who generously gave their advice on this garden guide. They have included, Art Constantino, Barbara DeWitt, Kathy Malone, and Sandy Koi, among others.