Butterfly Garden Plant Phyla nodiflora Turkey Tangle Fogfruit

Butterfly Garden Plants

Turkey Tangle Fogfruit

(Phlya nodiflora)

Other common names for this plant include

Frogfruit, Texas Frogfruit, Creeping Lippia, Mat Grass, Cape Weed. Other scientific names for this plant are Phlya incisa, Lippia nodiflora, and Lippia incisa.

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Turkey Tangle Fogfruit ( Phyla nodiflora)

Turkey Tangle Fogfruit ( Phyla nodiflora)

Native to the southern half of the United States, Turkey Tangle Fogfruit is a low growing evergreen groundcover in frost free regions.

Importance as a butterfly nectar source:
Due to its long flowering season, Turkey Tangle Fogfruit is considered a good nectar source.

Importance as a caterpillar food source:
Common Buckeye, Phaon Crescent and White Peacock all use Turkey Tangle Fogfruit as a caterpillar food source.


Cultural RequirementsNABA_DividerBar

USDA Hardiness Zone 6 to 11
Bloom Period Varies by location; all year in southern range
Bloom Color White
Plant Height 3 to 6 inches
Plant Spread Varies, can become weedy.
Light Exposure Sun to part shade
Soil Moisture Moist
Animal/Disease Problems None


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Phlya nodiflora







Plant RatingNABA_DividerBar
Plant rating scale ranges from 0 to 3. Plants rating 3 are the most useful for butterfly gardens. For more details on the ratings, see Native Plant Ratings

Garden Rating 2
Nectar Rating 3
Caterpillar Rating 3


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